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Custom Residential Roofing Solutions

Every roof is different. Even with two neighboring homes, the roofs can age very differently, depending on the materials they’re constructed from and the elements they have been exposed to. A roof that gets direct wind and driving rain may decline faster than a roof next door that’s somewhat shielded from the elements by trees and surrounding buildings.

If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, the best thing to do is to contact V.C. Veterans Contracting LLC for a personal consultation and free estimate. If your community has recently experienced a bad storm or if your roof is getting older, timely roof maintenance can protect your investment.

XAP360™ Drone Inspections

V.C. Veterans Contracting LLC is proud to be one of the few contractors in the area utilizing artificial intelligence to better care for our customers’ roofs. With the aid of the XAP360™ drone, we can inspect a roof virtually to take precise measurements and get detailed insights on hail damage. Any damage is photographed by the drone and we prepare a report for you with the results of the virtual inspection. It’s the next generation of roof inspection! Contact us today to schedule a drone roof inspection.

Residential Roofing Systems

After our skilled roofers inspect your roof, they will be able to determine what type of roof restoration techniques are called for. It’s possible that just a handful of shingles need to be replaced – or your roof could be degraded to the point that a new roof makes good sense. V.C. Veterans Contracting LLC regularly works on a wide range of residential roofing systems, including the following:

If you suspect your roof is leaking or it otherwise requires attention, contact V.C. Veterans Contracting LLC. We will thoroughly inspect your roof and let you know whether maintenance or repairs are needed. If your roof is in poor shape and a roof replacement is the best way to proceed, we will inform you and recommend the best options. We also handle multi-family roofing projects, including apartments and condos.

Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Whether you’re filing a claim with your insurance company for roof work after a qualifying event or it’s simply time to give your residential roof the attention it needs, turn to V.C. Veterans Contracting LLC. To schedule a free estimate, fill out our online contact form today or call (859) 200-1970.